Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Speech with Humans

There is a new Coolidge title out from Arc Publications, situated in the UK. From the description here, it seems like the project is similar to the Coolidge/Philip Guston book Baffling Means. There is also something reminiscent (I'm judging by the cover) of Ted Berrigan's work with George Schneeman. 80 pages. Exchange rate blows, but probably worth it.

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j.henry said...

cool site patrick! -- rare to see a book collector looking for the same gems i've mine eyes on! dug digging yr archive / book ventures.

writing now tho : : i came across this space while pulling together material on a post on coolidge at my site j.henry chunko -- wch you might dig -- some great recordings i've been slicing up fer pennsound.

anyhow, interested in publishing ventures you mentioned somewhere thru here -- tho i'm currently located in tokyo, i'd love to make yr acquaintance sometime / always looking fer interesting correspondents!

j.h c