Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Barack Obama Tests Positive (+) for Crack/Cocaine (Urban Drug)

The backlog here at team Lovelace is like, seriously backlogged. Always intimidated by size, I plan to truck one mile marker at a time. It has been a time of guests & travels--acquisitions seem to have slowed--though in reality, there's as much as ever, too much. I recently visited the New Left Forum here in NYC, amateur that I am, peeking Tariq Ali dropping science on those Pakistans. In Buffalo, NY, there was a book fair: I returned with Books, Photographs & Knowledge. Oh yeah, the files from the reading at St Marks a while ago. & several visitations to St Marx Books...

Um, why not check this out instead? Today's arrivals! On the left, is a totally fucking pristine copy of Bruce Andrews' Jeopardy, a sturdy chap out in '80 from Awede (?) in an edition of 375. The text is a hotness of single-word alphabetical & modular arrangement, such as his recent, huge vernacular pieces available from ubu editions, though the text here isn't totally sequential. It comprises what seems to be one single sentence, one word per line, & out fell a 22-caliber bullet. Good book!

The real prize above, & I cannot underestimate the extent of the word prize, is Lyn Hejinian's first book, A Thought Is The Bride Of What Thinking, the first volume in the classic Tuumba series, released in '76. A week ago I only lacked, of the series of 50 total books & numerous extravagant pieces of ephemera, numbers one & two, which include this title & Susan Howe's The Western Borders. I had thought I was about to purchase the Howe, but somehow came up with the extensively-more-elusive Hejinian title. Whoops. Along with all my hot hot Tuumba ephemera, this title finds a cozy home in an antique glass protective case, waiting patiently for the Howe title. In 17 years of high volume business, the seller I acquired these books from has had this title a total of once. As in, this once.

The first 11 Tuumba titles aren't as plagued by the size situations of the covers as the core (almost exclusively Langpo) rest of the series that almost always have bumped corners & other iffy shit like that. As such, this one has held up quite well for 30 years. I don't know where you've been, but you're here now. Phew.

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