Thursday, May 22, 2008

SxSw 2: A Shit Phylum

Then, like now, life forms begat others. Conversely, condensations beget themselves. Drinking this water, I arrive at new photos of new acquisitions, photos in which you will find various 'pataphysical items, most of which are officially sanctioned by the College de 'Pataphysique. This new set, the initial series of the College's external publications, dates back in excess of 50 years, the first issue appearing as early as 1950. The Cahiers, compared to the Subsidia Pataphysica, are more fragile, less bright, but no less magnificent. Now housed in a protective wax paper, they appear even more faded, yet examination yields the truth of their beauty. Of course, I could have just as easily said the beauty of their truth. There, I have said.

Below, an array of issues 1 thru 10. Issue 2 has a smaller trimsize than any of the other numbers. It also lacks a gidouille above the globe at the top of the cover illustration. Beginning with numero 10, a title is included at the top of each cover. Issues 1 thru 9 lack titles. Issue 10 carries the title "expojarrysition." Also with the 10th issue begins the practice of including a bit of text at the very bottom of the cover. Issue 10 announces an exposition at the Galerie Jean Loize. Many of the quotes that follow are from Jarry or his texts.

Signs of age are especially intelligible in numbers 5-6 & 7 above, or number 12 below, the gray edges encroaching on a once brightly colored display. The 7th issue must have been a beautiful pastel purple at one time, though it remains exceptional today, perhaps moreso, for it's endurance.

Titles of issues 11 thru 17-18:

11 La Sagesse Des Nations

12 Devoir de Vacance

13-14 Rabelais Pataphysicien

15 Jarry Pantagrueliste

16 Vacance du Devoir

17-18 Allais-Rimbaud

Numero eleven features this at the bottom of its cover: "LES CLICHES SONT L'ARMATURE DE L'ABSOLU (Alfred JARRY)". 12: "Le coeur peut-il être, même chez les grandes personnes, au-dessous de la ceinture ? (Alfred Jarry, le Surmale). 17-18: "J'ai mon fémur ! J'ai mon fémur ! J'ai mon fémur ! C'est cela que depuis quarante ans je bistourne" R i m b a u d.

For numbers 19 thru 21, I elected to remove the protective paper, so as to better reveal the colors & designs. 19 is especially striking, a purple on brown combination. Some wear, such as that visible on numero 20, is to be expected with items of such age. Though worn, never is anything diminished.

Titles of issues 19 thru 21:

19 L'Avenir Futur ou Non

20 Ubu Encore et Toujours

21 De la Morale



20: Le Naturel et le Surnaturel sont à ses ordres et pour un laps de vie, Dieu lui a cédé sa place de Synthèse

Rounding out the program, the last five issues feature titles such as

22-23 Navigation de Faustroll

24 Droit de Vacance

25 La Syzygie des Mots

26-27 ___________

28 Blanchissage

At the bottom of the cover of issue 24: S'IL N'Y AVAIT PAS DE POLOGNE, IL N'Y AURAIT PAS DE POLONAIS____UBU ROI


Volume 26-27 is, somewhat like issue two, an anomaly (in 'pataphysical terms, clinamen) as it features no title & a slightly different cover color scheme. Issue 28 above is actually a facsimile of the original, though its length measures only 2 leaves. Never one for such games, a bonafide copy is in the mail, heading my way.

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