Friday, October 31, 2008

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David Abel said...

Zounds. I do admire your taste in printed matter. One does not encounter August Light Poems, or Cambridge M'ass, every day (or any day, in most decades).

You are very likely aware of the identities of the recipients of that copy of ALP, but just in case not, I'm sure that they're Sonia Raiziss and Alfredo de Palchi, editors of Chelsea magazine, which the whole Lower East Side scene featured in prominently in those years.

If you're still in the habit of acquiring such material, I'd be happy to correspond. There are a few current journals/presses I'd like to point you to ( for example) . . . and I might have things you're interested in (or vice versa).

w' a tip o' the hat

David Abel
Passages Bookshop
Portland, OR

X said...

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