Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Massacre @ Troubadour Books

Superstar Steve Zultanski, whose incredible, affordable Homoem ranks among the best deals on the internet, alerted me several weeks back that Troubadour Books had just acquired a box of interesting things from Bernadette Mayer, including bunches of mimeo mags, rare books & a variety of Clark Coolidge items, even the possibility of unpublished manuscripts. I needed only half as much prodding to make the trip up to Western Mass as soon as I could. A few days after Steve's kind notification, I visited Troubadour & had perhaps my personal best single haul of all time.

[acquisitions associated with Bernadette:]


The Desire of Mothers to Please Others in Letters
Bernadette Mayer, Hard Press, 1994
The Fast Hannah Weiner, United Artists, 1992
Spoke Hannah Weiner, Sun & Moon Press, 1984
Little Books/Indians Hannah Weiner, Roof, 1980
Clairvoyant Journal Hannah Weiner, Angel Hair, 1978
The Soft Room Summer Brenner, The Figures, 1978 [inscribed to Bernadette]
Asylum Poems John Wieners, Angel Hair, 1969 [one of 300 copies, 2nd edition]


Best & Company ed Bill Berkson, 1969
Unnatural Acts II "published by ed friedman and bernadette mayer, general managers, at the st.marks poetry project. copyright unnatural acts nineteen seventy two"; "each issue of unnatural acts magazine will be a collaborative writing experiment. this issue was written on november 11,1972 by joe ceravolo, rosemary ceravolo, peggy decoursey, ed friedman, yancy gerber, john giorno, kevin kerr, bernadette mayer, ann powell, anne waldman & hannah weiner"
United Artists ed Bernadette Mayer & Lewis Warsh, Issues 1-18 [complete run], in vg+ condition, Nov '77 thru Dec '83

Coolidge-related items:

ING Clark Coolidge, Angel Hair, 1968 [2 copies]
Subject to a Film manuscript, dated 30IX75, 34 pages [facsimile]
Friction 7 ed Randy Roark, 1984
Stations #5 A Symposium on Clark Coolidge Edited by Ron Silliman, Winter 1978
Poetic Briefs 18 (The Clark Colidge Issue) eds Elizabeth Burns & Jefferson Hansen, December 1994
Tottel's 11 [Clark Coolidge, OFLENGTHS] ed Ron Silliman, Fall 1973
To Obtain the Value of the Cake Measure from Zero, a play by Tom Veitch & Clark Coolidge, Pants Press, 1970 [#112 of 150 copies]
BERNADETTE manuscript, dated 26VIII71, signed by Clark, 21 pages [unpublished]

[general acquisitions:]

HOT BIRD MFG Michael Gizzi issue, Vol II No 3 June, 1993, ed Ray DiPalma
DC Poetry Anthology 1999-2000 ed Allison Cobb & Jennifer Coleman
My Father's Golden Eye Tom Veitch, Adventures In Poetry 1970 [300 total copies, of which 25 are signed by the author. But instead of signing them himself, Veitch solicited his friends. Bob, the proprietor of Troubadour Books, has seen a copy signed by Tom Clark. This copy is signed by Ted Berrigan]
Malpertuis Jean Ray, @las Press, 1998
Stomping the Goyim Michael Disend, Green Integer [#56], 2002
Chamber Music James Joyce, Grossman [Cape Editions #48], 1971[?]
Saw Steve Katz, Knopf, 1972
Creamy & Delicious Steve Katz, Random House, 1970

The above is the complete bounty of Day 1, after which I was more exhausted from bookshopping than I've ever felt. Perhaps because I am a pervert, when the opportunity arose to visit Troubadour again a few days later, I went again. I emerged with a slightly lighter load, consisting of the following:

Bibliomania 1999-2000 Simon Morris & Helen Sacoor [related to Information as Material]
Conjunctions 8 ed Bradford Morrow, 1985
The Amorous Exploits of a Young Rakehell Guillaume Apollinaire, Book-of-the-Month Club, 1994
The Boundary of Blur Nick Piombino, Roof, 1993
A Conversation with David Antin David Antin & Charles Bernstein, Granary Books, 2002
Paterson (Book Five) William Carlos Williams, Nude Erections, 1958

True book-pervs are never done. Just this evening I saw another interesting item listed on ABEbooks by Troubadour, a dual-signed copy of Clark Coolidge & Larry Fagin's On the Pumice of Morons. With haste I added it to my basket & checked out, with hope completing this exhausting, glorious haul from Troubadour Books.

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