Monday, July 2, 2007

New Arrivals: July

Today, many interesting items arrived in the mail. Included are some recent Coolidge items, my interest in collecting Clark's books renewed by my recent acquisitions. Also a very nifty bibliography of Joyce. When the bibliography alone is in the triple-digits pricewise, you know you are on to something. Also: two different four-item sets, along with random various items.

Suite V Clark Coolidge, Adventures in Poetry, 1973 [signed; one of 200 copies]
A Geology Clark Coolidge, Potes & Poets, 1981 [signed; one of 300 copies]
for kurt cobain Clark Coolidge, The Figures, 1995 [one of 250 copies]
A Reading 1-7 Beverly Dahlen, Momo's Press, 1985 [copy W of 26 signed lettered copies]
A Bibliography of James Joyce John J. Slocum & Herbert Cahoon, Yale UP, 1953
The Good House Rod Smith, Spectacular Books, 2001 [signed]

items from the book thug:

Apostrophe Bill Kennedy & Darren Wershler-Henry, ECW Press
the tapeworm foundry Darren Wershler-Henry, Anansi, 2000
Thimking of You Dan Farrell, Tsunami Editions, 1994
Open Letter ed Lori Emerson & Barbara Cole, 12th Series Number 7: Fall 2005 ["Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics"]
The Etc BBQ
Gustave Morin, Book Thug, 2006
Air Pressure David Fujino, Book Thug, 2006

including four handsewn books from housepress:

[READING] Rob Fitterman, housepress, 2002 [#36/60]
Ten Out of Ten or Why Poetry Criticism Sucks in 2003 Darren Wershler-Henry, housepress, 2003 [1 of 50 copies]
The Apostrophe Engine Darren Wershley-Henry, housepress, 2002 [#11/60]
Poem Formerly Known As "Terrorism" Brian Kim Stefans, housepress, [#42/70]

and finally, issues 1-4 of Fervent Valley, edited by Stephen Rodefer. Issue one is from the Spring of '72, issue two from Summer of '72, issue three the Spring of '73, & issue four, which has one of the best covers I've ever seen, from the Summer of '74. All of the covers are quite different, & the dimensions are only the same for issues 3 & 4, where the magazine shoots up to the full-size of the NY mags of the mimeograph revolution. Issue three has a neon pink cover; issue one, the smallest, has a bright yellow cover, & is perfectbound.