Thursday, July 5, 2007

2 New Friends

Today, some new friends made it home for the very first time. First, we have Ron Silliman's Sitting Up, Standing, Taking Steps, which was published as Tuumba 17 in 1978. This addition brings my Tuumba total to a staggering 47 out of 50; lacking are Silliman's other title, ABC, along with the very first two issues, Hejinian's A Thought Is The Bride Of What Thinking & Susan Howe's The Western Borders.

Clark Coolidge & Larry Fagin's On The Pumice Of Morons also found its way home. Pumice was put out by The Figures in 1993, in an edition of 300. This copy is signed by both authors to Bernadette Mayer. Some interesting information follows the collaboration:


Larry Fagin & Clark Coolidge have written such stories as Whatever Became of Agnes Mason?, The Governor, Third Down and God To Go, and I Navigated a Donut Across Twelve Miles of Colombian Coffee.
Their other works include Great White Coast Jazz Suicides, Living Marimbas, Tonto Lavoris, and The Atmosphere of the Other Guy.

I'm not sure if any of these works have appeared anywhere--there must be a fairly good chance that some of it is in some mimeo mags from the 70s--but it certainly seems like there is a fair amount of Coolidge/Fagin work out there, perhaps enough to fill an entire book, which is an interesting idea.

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