Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh Shit, Robbe-Grillet is dead

August 1922, February 2008

Just the other week I saw Last Year at Marienbad for the first time--& while it was great to internalize the fact that the man behind the scenario for this 1961 film, along with many extremely dynamite novels & critical works of the previous six decades, was in fact still among the living in this our 2008--that joy is no longer available. So, at this moment, Le voyeur begs to be reingestited--Les gommes pleads consumption--La jalousie wants you to buy it in American translation in a duo pack w/ Dans le labyrinthe, published by Grove Press.

Everything really, given his remarkable age, has, ultracomplex already, taken on a new complexity. Not necessarily one of renewed profundity or complication, but rather, one of serious loss, whereas previously we were treated with unimaginable & comprehensive, renewable presence.

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