Friday, April 6, 2007

New from Atlas Press

Ever since @las first announced Andrew Lanyon's Circular Walks Around Rowley Hall last September & said that a signed, limited edition was soon forthcoming from the LIP, I've been patiently, then anxiously, waiting for it. And it's here! With individual original collage plates tipped in! For a mere £33! Finally I'll be able to enjoy what seem to be interesting stylings from Mr Lanyon, described thus by @las:

"The human protagonists are three members of a family devoted to outlandish experimentation, mostly upon themselves or each other. Vera, the levitating psychoanalyst, explores the effects of geology on thought and language; Walter, a retired vivisectionist, preys on artists in the hope of forcibly curing them of their vile creative habits; meanwhile Mervyn, his father, is busy eradicating his son’s efforts by secretly creating strange cinematic extravaganzas and sculptures disguised as scientific apparatus. Or at least that’s what happens on one level…

In fact this is an indefinable book in which both text and image are given equal weight. A state of play (in both senses of the word) exists between them, words provoke images and images text, and a literal visualisation of a joyous creativity is brought into being. It’s a tour-de-force that is at once Gothic narrative, philosophical enquiry, comic novel, a eulogy of the tragic history of St. Ives and the Cornish landscape and an eloquent demonstration of the processes underlying its own creation."

So, six months later, give or take how long it takes the book to get here, at last these pleasures will be mine.

@las has been in full tease mode lately: late last year they provided a useful chronological list of all their publications which, aside from reminding me about the early Anthology titles I sorely lack, also mocked me via its last inclusion:
106. Kevin JACKSON The Pataphysical Flook (LIP: Departmental Papers of DDT 4)
a. Signed by Kevin Jackson, George Melly, Wally Fawkes; b. unsigned.
which had me checking the LIP page with increased frequency over the weeks & months to see when it was going to be made available. Alas, finally, it too has arrived! The price on this one is a little easier to bear, £15, but the true bonus is that the fifth volume from the DDT has also been announced: Asger Jorn's Pataphysics, A Religion In The Making, at a price so cheap (£4.44) it's practically free.

But this is definitely not the end of the good news today from @tlas:

Forthcoming from Atlas Press. We have an extensive programme of new books that is about to begin. The next few publications will be (and probably in this order):

The Deliquescences of Adoré Floupette. The famous pastiche of Decadent poetry by Henri Beauclair and Gabriel Vicaire originally published in 1885.
This first English translation is by Stanley Chapman.

Urmuz Complete Works. The last issue of the Printed Head apart from the free issue for subscribers. We will try and finish off this series and send out slipcases soon to all returning subscribers...

Alice Becker-Ho and Guy Debord A Game of War. The book of Guy Debord's war game. This edition will be the first which actually includes the board and counters and will allow readers to play out the game.

Konrad Bayer the sixth sense. Bayer's last book, with illustrations by Günter Brus commissioned for this edition (there will be a limited edition signed by him).

Alfred Jarry Three Early Novels (Collected Works II). Contains Days and Nights, Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician, Absolute Love.

(Alastair Brotchie has been writing a full-length biography of Jarry to be published by MIT Press next year, and a few Jarry-related off-shoots from this project will appear through Atlas Press in the near future, notably a selection of his letters, and his contributions to L'Ymagier and Perhindérion.)

Michel Leiris The Mirror of Tauromachy, illustrated by André Masson.

Marcel Duchamp, Henri-Pierre Roché, Beatrice Wood Three New York Dadas and The Blindman. New York Dada in 1916-17, contains Roché's roman à clef of the group, Victor (Marcel Duchamp), extracts from Wood's memoirs and a complete facsimile reprint of the magazine they edited together, The Blindman.

Carlo Emilio Gadda The Philosophers' Madonna. His first novel.

In the Anti-Classic series, there will be improved reprints of Aurora by Leiris and Liberty or Love! by Desnos, as well as the first issue of Oulipo Papers (selected translations from the Bibliothèque Oulipienne).

So finally Jarry's Collected Works II is on the way, years after it's cover surfaced online. As always, announcements from @las tend to be quite expensive, yet immensely pleasurable, & this one appears to follow in that vein unwaveringly. The DDT series is probably my favorite from the LIP publications (perhaps due to the signed Baudrillard volume) so it's great to see two new additions there. I'll be getting each of the three new works from the LIP & also replacing Roth's the autobiography of albert einstein which I somehow lost right before I finished reading it. Talk about a good Friday!

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