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Over the last couple days I have started compiling a few choice bibliographies. The first focuses on a single press, Buck Downs Books, while two others focus on individual works by individual authors--long poems that span several books: Duplessis' Drafts & bp Nichol's Martyrology. Along with these two (but not limited to the single long poem) comes a checklist of books by Rob Fitterman. All are works in progress & if anyone has anything to add, please notify me.

Buck Downs is a DC area poet & publisher affiliated with Rod Smith, Aerial/Edge, & all those other good DC things. I wasn't able to find anything resembling a bibliography online, & it seems like some (if not most) Buck Downs Books might fly a little under the radar, making this very much a work in progress. & while true that the list I've got so far isn't very long, it speaks for itself in terms of who (& also when) it has published.


Robert Fitterman, Ameresque: The Snap Wyatt Poems


Rod Smith, The Boy Poems


Mark Wallace, Sonnets of a Penny-a-Liner


Jeff Conant, The Evacuated Forest Papers


Greg Fuchs Came Like It Went


Brett Evans After School Session

Moving along, Rachel Blau Duplessis' ongoing Drafts can be obtained, in full, via the acquisition of only 2 books, though it's soon to be 3, with another volume due out from Salt this year. As usual with these types of long works, this is hardly the entire bibliophile's version of the story. To date, Drafts has appeared in at least 6 books:

Drafts [3-14] from Potes & Poets in 1991

Draft X: Letters
from Singing Horse (Philadelphia) in 1991

Draft 15 XXX The Fold from Potes & Poets in 1997

Renga, Draft 32 from BeautifulSwimmer (Philadelphia) in 1998

Drafts 1-38, Toll from Wesleyan in 2001

Draft, unnumbered: Précis from Nomados (Vancouver) in 2004

Drafts 39-57, Pledge, with Draft, unnumbered: Précis from Salt (Cambridge) in 2004

Torques, Drafts 58-76 from Salt (Cambridge) in 2007 [forthcoming]

I am also working on a list of periodicals in which Drafts have appeared. So far, my list is very short, but I'll be adding to it soon:

Jacket (online):
Issue 29 contains "Draft 73: Vertigo"
Issue 28 contains "Draft 66: Scroll"
Issue 14 contains "Draft 42: Epistle, Studios"

from "Draft 32: Renga" is in Conjunctions 30
"Draft 38: Georgics" is in Conjunctions 35
"Draft 55: Quiptych" is in Conjunctions 40
"Draft LXX: Lexicon" is in Conjunctions 44

bp Nichol's Martyrology is happily kept in print by Coach House to this day, now in a total of six volumes; the 1st editions of books 1 & 2 are separate, while subsequent printings are bound together. The 2nd printings of books 1 & 2 are also revised, making them more interesting than just reprints, if still non-essential. These are the dates of the first editions of the volumes put out by Coach House:

The Martyrology Books 1 and 2 (1972)

The Martyrology Books 3 and 4 (1976)

The Martyrology Book 5 (1982)

The Martyrology Book 6 Books (1987)

Gifts: The Martyrology Book[s] 7& (1990)

Ad Sanctos: The Martyrology Book 9 (1993)

As is usually the case with works such as these, there are a few other publications out there that will interest the collector. So far I've come across:

Continental Trance: The Martyrology Book 3
Oolichan Books 1982 46 pgs

Book V Chain 8. Draft: March 10/11/1979
Coach House Press
Manuscript edition #3

You Too, Nicky from the Martyrology Bo(o)k 7 (VII)
[privately issued] 1989
signed by the publishers

I am hoping there are more instances such as these because they make collecting The Martyrology that much more fun & interesting.

Finally, I've compiled what I think is a mostly complete checklist of Rob Fitterman's books. At the moment, his Metropolis series can be obtained in 3 separate volumes, the first put out by Sun & Moon, the second by Coach House, & the third by Edge. Those familiar with these volumes may be surprised to see how many smaller selections from Metropolis have been published over the years in various editions. I know I really want to get my hands on one of those Potes & Poets copies. If anyone knows what year that came out, please fill me in.


[101 signed copies, hardcover]


among the cynics.
Singing Horse


Ameresque: The Snap Wyatt Poems.
Buck Downs Books

Metropolis 1-3.

[unknown date]

Metropolis 4-12.
Potes & Poets
[limited edition of 30 copies]


Metropolis 16-20.
Edge Books


Metropolis 1-15.
Sun & Moon




Metropolis XXX: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Edge Books


War the musical with Dirk Rowntree

In other news, I'm still kicking my own ass for missing Nada Gordon's book party. Nick Piombino mentions it on his blog & makes it sound like just the sort of thing I should be attending. Unfortunately I couldn't make the 3 p.m. start time as my sleep schedule is totally fucked, but I'm trying to get it back.

Alli Warren of SPD reads soon @ St Marx, & CA Conrad is reading soon @ the BPC, both of which I plan on attending, if I can manage to get out of bed before dusk.

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