Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Unnameable Books, again

On Friday the 13th I visited Unnameable Books for the 2nd time. In February I had seen Nick Piombino read there from his new Factory School book, fait accompli. During the reading I couldn't help but browse a little bit & I happened to find a copy of Kenneth Goldsmith's 73 Poems for a good price--$25 (which I later got signed). This time there wasn't any special events, only me & the books.

$136 & change later, I emerged with :

used poetry:

Visible Shivers Tom Raworth, O Books, 1987
Wanders Robin Blaser, Meredith Quartermain, Nomados, 2002
The Big Lie Mark Wallace, Avec Books, 2000
Song of the West George Trakl, North Point Press, 1988
The Case Laura Moriarty, O Books, 1998
Moving Right Along Kenward Elsmlie, Z Press, 1979 [1276 copies]
Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm Loss Pequeno Glazier, Salt, 2003

used prose:

The Cubs and other stories Mario Vargas Llosa, Noonday, 1989
How to Write Gertrude Stein, Dover, 1975

new books:

From Now Johanna Drucker, Cuneiform Press, 2005 [162/200, signed]
To the Cognoscenti Tom Mandel, Atelos, 2007 [600 copies]
SCOUT Norma Cole, Krupskaya, 2005 [CD]
The Private Listener Pamela Lu, Corollary Press, 2006 [150 copies]
Health Pack Brad Flis, the chuckwagon, 2006
The Window Ordered to be Made Brian Kim Stefans, A Rest Press, 2005 [300 copies]


The poetry section was a little richer than the last time I had been there, there were several books I had ordered but not yet received amongst the shelves, which I wanted to buy anyway but managed not to. These included Mark Wallace's Sonnets... and Brett Evans After School Session, both from Buck Downs Books, & Curtis Faville's Stanzas..., which I'm getting direct from him in HC. Eating lunch afterwards, I realized Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm was signed by Loss, which I don't think the store realized either, since it was only $6. The book itself seems very interesting. The Trakl title, which was $15, has a sticker on the back stating ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT $9.95 NOW $2.98, making the volume seem extra-over-priced. The Johanna Drucker was $15 but will be worth a shitload more in 5 years. The work itself, which utilizes different fontsizes, seems interesting too. The Brian Kim Stefans book is probably more beautiful than the Druker, it's cover featuring a window cutout revealing bright orange endpapers with the title stamped on them. Lu's The Private Listener is particularly beautiful also, with decorative white stitching & a good small size. The Stein book is sized well as well & is hilarious. Had to buy the BFlis again, although he gave me a copy, which I had put in a safe place during my movings up & down the coast & have since not been able to find. For a mere $2, it's the best deal of the year, as I read it with enthusiasm for about the fourth time. The only reason I bought the Tom Mandel is because it's in the Atelos series [#27]; otherwise I would pass on Mandel because he called Ted Berrigan "Elmer Fudd" at 80 Langton St in 1981. The Norma Cole CD doesn't work.

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