Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Model Homes Debut

This evening I saw my work in print for the very first time. Though I found it necessary to deem my writing "classless" to a friend, I am quite proud of the presentation & company surrounding my poems. Also, I am continually flattered to read the work of the other poets featured in the issue, as I got a bit of a sneak preview a few weeks ago & was able to read a little more of it tonight. For what it's worth, one can 2nd guess oneself all night, but an editor should never be questioned. I know I will field all future attacks against my editorial decisions with furious expletives & aggressive dekes, if not the summoning of henchmen.

Check out the first issue of Model Homes here.

1 comment:

kathryn said...

"An editor should never be questioned."

I agree.