Monday, June 23, 2008

A Book

In recent days arrived the final piece to the exquisite Cahiers du College de 'Pataphysique series. In the photo above, an authentic copy sits alongside a prepared facsimile. The true copy is the greenish, the false the bluish, wrapped.

The slim publication (tho certainly not the College's slimmest), titled Blanchissage, features three main items: an aphorism by Julien Torma on Jarry, an announcement from the College, & one of Jarry's laundry lists. The remainder of the issue features several ad announcements for re-subscribing to the College's next series, which would be the Dossiers.

On the left, Jarry's laundry list, a most precious note indeed. Facing that reproduction, an announcement: in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Jarry's death, the College was to head underground, & cease all public activities. This wouldn't occur, however, until '75--a period of occultation that lasted a full quarter century, repealed in line with the symmetry of the millennium.

In pleasant fashion, the false copy I previously obtained contains an additional insert, while the original lacks any such ornamentation.

The message, to all subscribers, is simply "pay up!"

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