Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'll Take Jeopardy for $200

God blesses things, such as forgiveness, sashimi, & St Mark's Books. On a trip there, you can purchase an array of fine items. The poetry section overall was slacking a little, but other areas of the Mart delivered.

The Dialectics of Seeing: WB & the Arcades Project par Susan Buck-Morss, followed by Bruce Andrews' Co, which is collaborations with Yedda Morisson, Kim Rosenfield, Jessica Grim, Jesse Freeman & Barbara Cole.

These are followed by Denis Johnson's recent big one, Tree of Smoke, itself flanked by a Raymond Chandler compendium: The Lady in the Lake, The Little Sister, The Long Goodbye, & Playback:

They arrived adjacent to these: a dual work from Samuel R. Delany, Babel-17/Empire Star, & yet another WWII historo-espio-thriller from Alan Furst, Dark Voyage. Yeah, another one of them.

A few magazines:

Finally, a bit more poesie: New Shit from Lisa Jarnot, Night Scenes, rubbing spines with fresh Tao Lin spear Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

The Tao Lin is advertised as signed, but Tao does you one better, & draws you a little picture w/ a word or two, each one different. After checking them all out, I went with "Choad Deluxe":

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