Sunday, June 22, 2008

British Imperialists IN YOUR ASS (Still) Pt 1

Since times are hard (ha) & Nibiru is still a few years away, here's a couple more odds & ends. The first, the material claimed from the recent Caroline Bergvall/Mario Diaz de Leon event at the Hispanic Society of America.

This tasty chap--an especially fine production from well-known Belladonna Books--limits itself to 75 copies. Though, as can be seen below, the colophon announces them as all signed, which they are not (or, at least this copy; I did not examine the others).

If there are any of these treats left for sale, I most highly recommend the pick-up. I believe the people hawking them were the ones associated with Unnameable Books, the mecca of the Brooklyn book world.

A taste from early in the poem:

Hi all Im Alyson,
some people call me Al.
I'm many theyngs to many,
a few thyinge to some &
nothing but an irritant
to socialites and othire
glossing troglodytes
Just don't call me Alice
I dig conversation
but the only rabbit I ever liked
is rabbit in prunes of Agen
sauted in duck fat
or a conys in Hoggepotte.
It's been a long time, quod she,
some & six hundred.
Everything was different
yet pretty much the same.
Godabove ruled all
& the Franks the rest.
Womenfolk were owned ne trafficked
nor ghosted, and so were
most workfolk enserfed.
Sunsets were redder then,
legs a little shorter.
In my time I made my bed
a stretch a streowen
for many leien in hoo we did!

You can also catch Caroline reading on a recent episode of Estefan's Ceptuetics. In the half hour program she discusses some of the mechanics of the piece, which I shan't spoil. Also let's hope someone recorded the event with Mario Diaz de Leon--it was a dynamic collaboration.

Bonus pic of The Knight outside the Hispanic Society :

Note the gidouilles flanking the stairs leading to the Errant.

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