Friday, June 13, 2008

Hijinks of the Rreal: Roundup of the VVeek: Sunday

Earlier this vveek, I met Dirk Rountree & Jean Foos at steamy Dexter Sinister, which hosted a dual book release party for A Fair to Meddling Story and A Couple Thousand Short Films About Glenn Gould.

Downstairs, you could enjoy a freshly prepared gin+tonic while listening to records having to do with a Cory Arcangel/Paul Morley/Steven Bode/Dexter Sinister joint production titled A Couple Thousand Short Films About Glenn Gould. The music came from Cory Arcangel "who will play records mentioned in the text as JD SALINGER" and the book was on sale for an attractive $15.

The book sports all sorts of interesting features, including a unique tipped in photograph, the table of contents being listed on the back, and a zero printed in the corner of the first page. On the inside, Paul Morley's first, long section REPRODUCTION, comprises the main chunk of text, which makes an excessive & distinctive use of white space.

The Zero:

Inside the front cover:

Outside the back cover:

Meanwhile, upstairs, a different sort of thing was happening. Everyone was drenched in their own, but many looked on as a human played choppy piano while a large TV played video on the far side of the instrument. When we walked past to attain the back room, John Kerry was on the TV screen, giving a speech. This was the performance attached to the release of A Fair To Meddling Story by Ken Okiishi and Nick Mauss. The book was for sale in the back, & they had bottled water & Bud Heavy in big metal tubs, on ice.

I haven't taken the book out of the package, yet.

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