Friday, May 4, 2007

the autobiography of albert einstein

drops of protein, spermatocysts, watch-hands, thermostats, tiny valve pipes, air, odometers, gel, ccm, atmospheres, ions, magnets, electrolytes, bicycle spokes, honey-combs, fish fins, urine, test tubes, positive poles, negative poles, parchment, amniotic sacs, egg shells, leaf patterns, protozoa, gills, tooth enamel, ether, celluloid, isotopes, cepheid variables, gamma rays, idioplasm, perpetua mobilia, qintessence, radioactivity, signs of the zodiac, gonococci, arsenic, water wheels, alizarin, hieroglyphs, deuterons, nerve tracts, mother of pearl, jellyfish, 5 degrees, pollen, meridians, hygrometers, alveoli, qinine, spectrum lines, glass fibre, parallaxes, ears, nematoblasts, flickering, bronze, footnotes, ellipses, leiden jars, phlogiston, gun powder, gravity, primordial sea, selenium, systoles, eye-balls, heliozoans, chrysoprase, fossils, units of length, cyclotrones, spawn, glaze, nothing, paleolithic era, polyps, chalcedony, CaCo3, division signs, spirit of wine, ammonium, graphite, larynxes, gall stones, WORDS

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