Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost Nz 1

Sorry for the blurry. Above is Jess Mynes, the publisher of Fewer & Further Press, which is based in Western Mass & just released a new Clark Coolidge book Counting On Planet Zero. A while back now (May 3) I attended an exciting reading at ACA Galleries, which is somewhere, where several authors from Anchorite & Fewer & Further read. Some police disturbance event at the Canal St subway caused me massive lateness but it turned out I didn't miss very much. There was popcorn & white wine galore (yum), & it was nice to meet Jess, who I'd been emailing some for a while. He introduced me to others like Andrew Mr & Aaron Tieger (who gifted some Carve), who were very nice in talking to young unknown me, along with some other people like Brenda Iijima of Yo-Yo Labs, & I'd like to keep in touch with all of them. After the reading we all went out for a big fun drink mealy at some spanish joint, where I predictably ordered chicken & rice & predictably ate about 1/3 of what was put in front of me.

F&F books are never not beautiful & are never the same; I have things to glean & learn from the above man, who is also a librarian, which I need to get around to before too long if I ever plan on making money. But maybe there's no dough there either. With hope, that's the case. Jess was nice enough to gift me two past editions of asterisk, which is sortof like a magazine but more like a folded broadside & is designed very well, throwing a nice kink into the author-poem (dis)connection. With hope, more of these little zine treats are on the way, as I think only 2 have come out. Everyone who read that night was pretty entertaining, but Jess totally stole the show at the end, reading from In(ex)teriors, put out by Anchorite in an edition of only 75 (WTF?) that are long gone. I plan on lobbying with the Anchorite fellow (Rizzo) for a 2nd (bigger) edition, because more people need to get their mits on this one, including myself.


Model Homes said...

Whoa, where in Western Mass is he based? I thought I knew the Western Mass scene=-au contraire, I suppose.

Patrick Lovelace said...

Wendell, MA

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