Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lost Nz 2: Something Trustworthy Dipped in Honey

Continuing the recovery/rectumifying my omissions: St Marx a long time ago (April), seeing Alli Warren & Brandon Brown (who are married (to each other)) read one after the other one. Was it Alli went first, or Brandon? It has been that long that I have meant to write of them. Thru SPD, I had conversed with Alli a few times (about book orders) so when I saw her name on the Karl Marx Readin' Docket I knew I was so totally there. Somewhat mystifyingly (I could say so after the reading) there are no major works out by either quite capable author--a handful of short-run chapbooks, only the latest of which are still available. & though I only had a few bucks on me, not enough to afford the trifecta of livres (2BB, 1AW) I sortof begged my way into paying less & getting them all. Was it my SPD connection, my beard, my blue eyes, my pathetic cashlessness? They were great yet I was the winner that day. The best parts of their works are similar in this general way: really funny, really smart, sometimes pervy, well-shaped stuff. Some of Brandon's work was historically based; this turned out to be from his 908-1078 volume, while other, more general work featured treats like

how I transform Genitals
into ropes of theoretical polypleasures"

along with other winners such as

"I have tons of friends"

while Alli conceals such weapons as

"Son he said don't let them enter your mouth".

Me, & a good looking girlwoman sitting next to me, seemed to laugh at all the right (dirty) parts. Why I said nothing to her, flirted none, I am no longer certain, though still ashamed. I happily held in my hands, however, the following:

Cousins Alli Warren, Lame House Press, 2006 [#36/100, second printing]
908-1078 Brandon Brown, Transmission Press, 2006
Memoires of My Nervous Illness Brandon Brown, Cy Press, 2006 [#68/200, with neat shimmery endpapers]

I can't wait for either poet's first big (perfectbound) collection. Each should come out before I have a chance to get around to it, but if the situation hasn't been rectified & my new press is off the ground 'n' flying high, I will certainly solicit these young, superb, attractive talents. & ask them for books.

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