Tuesday, May 8, 2007


A while back I met up with Greg Fuchs & purchased a few Stephen Rodefer paintings. They had them on the wall at the BPC & I had lusted after them in person, & tried to buy one, but no one got back to me until they had been taken down. I was flummoxed, pissed off, on, etc, until Greg Fuchs emailed me bluely a few days afterwards, saying he was storing the paintings in the meantime & I might stop by to take a look. It was a rainy floody day but I went up to the Bronx anyway. I got a total of 3, two of which can be seen in this photo: a September 11th piece (just to the right of Stephen's left shoulder, see a better picture below), & the one that looks like it has the number 23 (I'll call it the Michael Jordan piece) beyond Stephen's left toe. [The text reads: "Yes the tooth of time is black to the root...I have done all I could do... to appear mirthful"] The third piece I got is a variation of FUCK DEATH, which surrounds Roddy's head. Mine is larger, not on paper or cardboard but more like a rollable burlap sack, with a strange blackwhite centerpiece between the text., seemingly made from papertowel. Though I love them all, this FUCK DEATH variation is probably my favorite.

Meeting with Greg Fuchs was entirely excellent, as he gifted me a few Buck Downs Books I didn't have, along with at least one I didn't even know about: Hoa Nguyen's Hood. He also popped my Open24Hours cherry, giving me a few of the books recently produced there. Everything from the Rodefer to the company to the setting of his office, out in the middle of some river (my geography is no good)--was totally great. I hope there can be more visits with Greg in the future. His wife even used to teach, oddly enough, at C of C.

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